Eco-Friendly Dentistry

We are honored and thrilled to be the first dentist office in Sonoma County to be LEED® certified by U.S.Green Building Council and Green certified by the Sonoma Green Business Program.

The implementation of eco-friendly practices in our office involves an extensive list of protocols, procedures, education, state-of-the-art equipment, materials and methods. This ensures the wellness of our patients, team members and the community.

At Permalla Dental Care, we endeavor to be eco-friendly. Our efforts are focused upon waste reduction, pollution prevention, non-toxicity, energy and water conservation, and wellness.

Digital X-rays: Digital radiography (digital x-ray) uses an electronic sensor (instead of x-ray film) that captures and stores the digital image on a computer.  Since the digital image is captured electronically, there is no need to develop the x-rays, thus eliminating the disposal of harmful waste and chemicals into the environment.

Digital patient record keeping with minimal consumption of paper products. Rather than the typical wall of paper patient charts, we use digital patient records and electronic patient communications.

Eco-friendly furnishings and sustainable architectural panels of eco-resin made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Paints with no Volatile Organic Compounds are used throughout the office to reduce allergens.

Oil free air compressor and dry vacuum systems: minimal water consumption- preserves our natural resources.

Amalgam Separator is a special water filtration system that is installed in our facility. Very small pieces of amalgam containing mercury are released when a dentist places or removes a silver filling. Amalgam separators collect the amalgam pieces so they can be recycled rather than enter the sewer system.

Recycled paper: To the extent paper is used, the goal is to use 100% recycled paper

Biodegradable cleaning supplies.

We strive for high energy efficiency by using LED, Commercial and mercury free fluorescent lighting systems, energy star appliances, electronics and computers. Reduces the generation of power at the source, thus eliminating the need to treat the resulting emissions.

Use of steam-based, surgical-grade instrument sterilization. Contains no harmful chemicals and reduces water use.

Access to Alternate Transportation reducing carbon emmissions.

Sonoma county's first LEED® Certified Green Dentist office, promoting patient and community wellness.