She is amazing! Her staff is very personable and professional. She hired them first for their personal skills and then trained them for the technical stuff. The only complaint (and I am very happy for her because she deserves this kind of success) is that you have to wait like 6 weeks for a regular appointment. The office looks like an art gallery and she designed it herself! Also notice the paintings in the lobby because she did those too! She deserves some kind of award for excellence. I hope this is what the future is in every business


The office environment at Permalla Dental Care is a stunning work of art and so comforting that I forget I'm at the dentist. I want to come early just so I can enjoy the environment and look at the books. I never have to wait so I don’t get to sit and enjoy the "waiting" room. Looks and comfort are great but what about the dentist, her skill level and chair-side manner? Dr Permalla and her staff are exceptional in every way and I’m not that easy to win over because I’m very particular and have chemical sensitivities, as well. I feel so comfortable there with the staff in the chemical free environment.
Dr. Permalla is amazing. She’s kind, sensitive, explains everything to my understanding before doing anything. She doesn’t push me to make decisions. She is very precise and thorough. She actually cleans her patient’s teeth, therefore, really knows the whole picture. My 2nd & 3rd visits were both multi-surface, under-the-gum “tricky” cavities. I was nervous. But to my surprise and relief both experiences were by far the best dental experiences I’ve ever had. I almost fell asleep during the first filling. Oh, did I say that I highly recommend this office? I also hear that she’s great with kids and I can believe it since I’m a bit like a kid when it comes to being in the dentist’s chair.

- JS

My first experience at Dr. Permalla's office was a breath of fresh air. She took the time to explain her philosophy of dental care, education and prevention, and took more time thoroughly explaining my dental health than any of my previous dentists ever had. She cleaned my teeth herself (it was a surprisingly pleasant experience due to the ultrasonic device she used - which took about a quarter of the time of a normal cleaning without the pain and gum irritation) and patiently answered the questions I had. I left feeling refreshed and wondering why none of my former dentists had paid me the kind of care and attention that she did. I cannot recommend this office enough; all of the office staff are exceedingly pleasant and Dr. Permalla is knowledgeable, gentle, skilled and thoughtful. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to going back!

- Matt

As a city councilmember, I was thrilled to give Permalla a proclamation from the City of Petaluma for their efforts to become the first green dentist in Petaluma. Having had those old silver fillings removed, I knew how important this trend would be. I had some issues with my teeth and found their attention to care and how they run their business to be superb! I am so glad they are setting a high standard for dental care in Petaluma. And their office is beautiful and spacious. I feel so comfortable when I go. My whole family switched. We love Permalla!

- Tiff

Dr. Permalla is not like any other dentist I have ever met! She is very patient and kind, explaining each detail and answering all of my questions. She takes a holistic view to dentistry by wanting to know me as a person not just a set of dental X-rays. I didn't feel guilty like other dentists have made me feel (you need to floss more!!) but instead hopeful that I can maintain dental health with a few easy steps. Dr Permalla is motivating and clearly intelligent and up to date on the latest research.
Her staff are upbeat and fun. The office is gorgeous with the feel of a spa environment - no old school dentist offices here! Also, they focus on green practices, which I appreciate.
Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr Permalla - your teeth will thank you!

- Alena M

My first visit to Dr. Permalla was after losing a crown (eating taffy, of all things!). The office had opened near my home recently and as we were new to the area, I thought I'd give it a try. I was SHOCKED when I walked in. The office is so modern in a bright, cheery, stylish way. It's not clinical or stark at all. You almost feel like you're in a (cool) friend's living room. The staff was friendly, genuine and helpful, as was Dr. Permalla. Dr. Permalla spent about an hour and half setting and resetting the crown until it got the perfect fit. She was so patient and wanted to be certain it felt comfortable and was placed precisely they way it had been. I've never experienced dental care - heck, any kind of medical care - this thoughtful and thorough. I spoke with Danielle at the front desk about what dental insurance they accept and she gave me a list. We've since transferred to a plan that Parmella Dental contracts with - that's how amazing this office is. I had my first normal visit (not a crown replacement emergency) and found that the quality of care was just as high as I remembered. My husband came back from his first appointment and talked for at least 30 minutes about how amazing the care he received was. He was as pleased - and surprised, as it's not what one has grown to expect from dentists - as I was after my initial visit several months ago. Thank you Dr. Permalla and the whole Permalla Dental team - what you're doing with your practice is exemplary.

- Michelle

You will never, ever have an experience like this anywhere. This is the best dentist practice that I have ever been to in my life....no joking and I have been to several. Dr. Permalla is an artist and designed the office herself. You could spend a while just looking at everything, even the little miniature wax figures she made. She spends time with you and there is no rushing. Her care is very personal and she wants you to feel at ease. You won't believe that you are in a dentist's office! She is so gentle when she cleans and so concerned about your comfort. You have to go there to believe it!! So at least go once and see what you think. You won't be disappointed.

- Skyburst

It felt more like going to a spa than going to a dentist. I haven't beena to a dentist in years so I really appreciated going to someone I knew I could trust right from the start!

- Jessica

I actually enjoyed being at the dentist and didn't really want to leave...really! The office is beautiful and serene and Dr. Permalla and Danielle are very caring people who seem to truly love what they do. Dr. Permalla spent much of the initial visit with me talking about her philosophy of dentistry which includes avoiding unnecessary work. Excellent. Would highly recommend.

- Maureen>

When you walk into Permalla Dental Care you are bound to be surprised by how much it doesn't feel like a dental office. It's vibrant, it's modern and it's cool! But during the walk through of the place, Dr. Permalla explained the various innovative ways in which they had integrated so much technology into the design so that patients's comfort and convenience was the first priority. That was impressive. I got a bonding on my chipped upper front tooth and was worried about how it might look given how prominent that tooth is... but I was amazed that even I couldn't tell from the after picture where the work had been done unless I compared it to the pre-picture side by side. It was perfectly executed in my opinion. But the best part was when I'd be left alone for a few minutes during various pauses in the procedure... and I could just look out the floor-to-ceiling windows, out at the plants on the patio, and forget that I was at a dental office even though I was sitting right in the chair!

- Prashant

I had not been to the dentist in years, and the Permalla group made it easy to be back in the chair. Excellent service, preventive care, and an enjoyable group of females! The beautifully modern environment makes it almost a treat to be at the dentist office!! I would recommend Permalla dentistry to anyone looking for a new dentist!

- Amanda

I've never been a fan of going to the dentist but after my recent visit to Permalla Dental Care, my dread of going to see the dentist is gone. Danielle greets you with a bright welcoming smile, makes you feel at ease right away. Darcy and Dr. Permalla is wonderful and I love how they take their time to talk you through what they are going to do during your visit. There is no rushing through anything. Dr. Permalla regularly checks in with you during procedures to make sure you're comfortable. Everything is very modern. I love how bright and airy the place is, you don't feel like you're actually in a dental office. It was a refreshing experience and I highly recommend Permalla Dental Care!

- Nicole

I have not been to the dentist in many years untill I happeded to walk into Permalla dental. Danielle at the front is so nice & helpful, she did all the paperwork for my insurance company & helped me with payment so I could actually have the work done. I also love Dr. Permalla and Darcy her dental assitant. My first time there they walked me through the whole place showng me where everything is kept and how they steralize thier tools. They made me feel extremly comfortable & when the appt was over I didnt want to leave. After not going to the dentist for so many years I am no longer scared to go & I have already booked two follow up appointments! They are the best, I have already recomended them to several of my friends!

- Allison

I am so happy to have found Dr. Permalla. When I first walked in for my very first appointment, I instantly felt comfortable and at ease. The staff is extremely friendly. The office itself is beautiful. Dr. Permalla has a soothing chairside manner and thoroughly explains everything necessary.

- Bonnie

I highly recommend Dr. Permalla to be your dentist in Petaluma. Late last year around the holidays I had a tooth break off and I needed to see someone quickly. I had recently moved to this area and did not have a local dentist. Most dentists I contacted either weren't accepting new patients or could not see me soon enough. I got an appointment quickly with Dr. Permalla. She has a modern, state of the art office with a very helpful and friendly staff. Dr. Permalla is extremely competent and knowledgeable. She was very thorough in explaining my options for treatment and then coordinated treatment with a periodontist and my former oral surgeon.
I also had an unsuccessful implant from my previous oral surgeon. Conventional bridge work can involve crowns that permanently alter perfectly healthy teeth, an invasive option I did not want. Thankfully, Dr. Permalla suggested a single visit bridge alternative. This method replaced two teeth with minimal impact to the surrounding teeth that are used for support, even without Novocaine! I understand that many dentists do not have the background knowledge or artistic skill to perform this type of bridge work; Dr. Permalla does. I am totally pleased with the results, both functionally and aesthetically. My periodontist commented that the results show a high level of skill and that he would consider the procedure for himself if ever needed!

- Jim

I have recently had the pleasure of visiting Permalla Dental Care. My visits were a far cry from the doldrums of a typical "visit to the dentist". This is an office full of color and creativity. I was acknowledged, greeted and made comfortable the moment I arrived. As a former Registered Dental Assistant, I was able to appreciate the use of only the finest and up to date technology. What stood out to me the most was the warm and relaxed feeling that Dr. Permalla and her staff provided. It is clear to me that this new office excels in providing patient comfort and top level dentistry in a warm and unique atmosphere. This level of concern for professionalism and patient comfort is something everyone deserves.

- Teresa

I recently returned to the area and needed to find all my new Doctors. As luck would have it my front tooth crown broke. My sister introduced me to Dr. Permalla, who had just opened her new dental care facility. She did a beautiful job of replacing both front teeth and another very old crown that was in disrepair. I could not be more satisfied. Her work is beautifully done and her office is very pleasant and unique.

- M.K.Braz

My experience at Permalla Dental Care has been exceptional! Not only is the staff well educated and thorough, but they are extremely pleasant, and make you feel very comfortable. Its like having a visit with friends. They explain everything clearly and they are very gentle. Also, the office is stunningly beautiful! I would have recommended the practice to anyone after my first visit. Then Praveena went above and beyond when she helped a visiting relative of mine on Thanksgiving night! She was very kind and compassionate. I would give this dental practice 5 stars!

- Nicole

My experience with Permalla Dental care was outstanding! Right when you walk in the door you are greeted with a smile and atmosphere is amazing, not like a normal dental office. The ambiance is calming and the dental chairs are so soft, that one can fall asleep on. Everything is explained thoroughly by Dr. Permalla and her staff before and after your visit so there are no questions once you leave. I have never had a more pleasant dental experience and can honestly say I can’t wait to go back for another cleaning!

- Chris

I brought my three-year-old daughter here for her very first visit to the dentist and thanks to the staff at Permalla Dental Care, it was a wonderful experience. She was very nervous but that all changed the minute we walked through the door. Danielle at the front desk was so warm and friendly and immediately put my daughter at ease. Not to mention this is the most beautiful dentist office I have ever seen. My daughter loved all the colored walls and beautiful paintings.

"Dr. Permalla was so kind and gentle and took the time to explain each step to my daughter so she knew exactly what was going on. She had a smile on her face the whole time and was sad when it was time to leave. She keeps asking when we can go back to see Dr. Permalla! Thank you Permalla Dental Care for making my daughter’s first visit to the dentist such a positive one."

- Denelle